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Publications appear in chronological order according to the date of first publication:

Submissions and unpublished manuscripts:

  • O. Reingold and Shai Vardi, New Techniques and Tighter Bounds for Local Computation Algorithms, manuscript 2014
  • Cynthia Dwork, Vitaly Feldman, Moritz Hardt, Toniann Pitassi, Omer Reingold, Aaron Roth: Generalization in Adaptive Data Analysis and Holdout Reuse, submission
  • Kat Ellis, Moises Goldszmidt, Gert Lanckriet, Nina Mishra and Omer Reingold, Attention Exchange: Equality and Social Mobility in Online Communities, submission
  • Cynthia Dwork, Moni Naor, Omer Reingold, Guy Rothblum: Pure Differential Privacy for Rectangle Queries via Private Partitions, to appear in ASIACRYPT 2015
  • C. Dwork, M. Langberg, M. Naor, K. Nissim and O. Reingold, Succinct proofs for NP and spooky interactions, manuscript, 2001.
  • O. Reingold, S. Vadhan and A. Wigderson. A Note on Extracting Randomness from Santha-Vazirani Sources, manuscript 2004.

And now for something completely different:

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