Extra Curricular

  • Leah, Yuval, Itai and Noga, reason for my existence and all of that …


  • Playback Theater. Showing at a theater near you (or take my class if you are a Stanford student). I’m the artistic director of  Hayanshufim playback theater troupe, following the marvelous founding director Neta Lachish.
    My first steps with playback were at Playback Weizmann, led by Lior Noy:
  • May09 293I performed in the (scripted) theater group Bama Ivrit: YouTube, Facebook

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  • My “singing career” started with a song, devoted to my one and only L on the occasion of her 33.333 birthday. (With deep apologies to Nat King Cole.) Here I am on stage with Shlomo Gronich and “Shir Haemek” choir, led by the great Ron Sheffer:.
  • I wrote the words for Awakening and performed with Sigal Vardi who wrote the music. Music production by Amir Tsuri and the clip was created by Yoram Vardi.
  • Gracias a la vida was written and performed by Violeta Parra Sandoval. I got to know this song through the powerful performance of the wonderful singer, Mercedes Sosa. Sigal Vardi helped me record myself singing this song with my own translation to Hebrew (with one verse of the original song as a tribute).